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Enables Self-Service Operations

Turn your operations procedures into self-service jobs.

Safely give others the control and visibility they need.

  • Welcome to Rundeck, a web-accessible console for dispatching commands and scripts to your nodes.

    Node listing
  • Import Node resources from anywhere: Chef, Puppet, Amazon EC2, or your own in-house CMDB. Nodes can be organized using tags or other attributes.

    Node listing
  • Run commands and scripts on your nodes. Run them in parallel on multiple nodes.

    Run commands ad-hoc by just typing in the command and hitting enter.

  • Plugins can add new node sources, formats and remote executors.

    Add Node sources in the GUI
  • Live executions can be followed, and interleaved output from multiple nodes can be separated.

  • Jobs define commands to run on a schedule or on demand. You can notify people via email or web services via webhook when they finish.

    Organize Jobs into Groups. Schedule them using cron syntax.
  • Workflows allow coordinated sequences of commands, scripts or other Jobs.

  • With the workflow editor you can modify workflows in the GUI without touching the command-line or source files. But, you can also use textual source definitions and export/import via GUI, CLI or API.

  • The Web API and command-line tools let you run and manage Jobs, update your node resources, and retrieve execution history. You can connect Rundeck with other tools, scripts and services easily.

  • The execution history lets you audit and search all previous executions.