Preview: Rundeck 2.9.0 Beta1

We are releasing a beta version of Rundeck 2.9.0. We have added a number of new features, and are interested in your feedback about usability, behavior, functionality, (and of course, bugs).

Please check out the list of new features we have added. The biggest addition is the “Data Passing” feature, which is the top community requested feature on our Trello board!

You can download the 2.9.0-BETA1 release from these Bintray repos:

Specific things we are interested in getting feedback about:

  • The variable syntax for accessing data values captured in different contexts

Some things we have not yet added which are still planned for the final release:

  • A way to capture output values from Job References (not yet implemented).
  • A way to mark Jobs as allowed/disallowed to be used in other projects as references

Please send feedback via email to the rundeck-discuss list, or comment on this 2.9.0 Changes issue on Github.

Thank you!

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