Depending on the installer used, the log files will be under a base directory:

  • RPM: /var/log/rundeck
  • Launcher: $RDECK_BASE/server/logs

The following files will be found in the log directory:

 |-- command.log
 |-- rundeck.audit.log
 |-- rundeck.options.log
 |-- rundeck.log
 `-- service.log

Different facilities log to their own files:

  • command.log: Shell tools log their activity to the command.log
  • rundeck.audit.log: Authorization messages pertaining to aclpolicy
  • rundeck.job.log: Log of all job definition changes
  • rundeck.options.log: Logs remote HTTP requests for Options JSON data
  • rundeck.log: General Rundeck application messages
  • service.log: Standard input and output generated during runtime

See the section for information about customizing log message formats and location.